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Hello! Welcome to BoothBooks

The management software perfect for fairs for trade shows for flea markets for many more!

Responsive Layout

You aren't confined to your desktop, and neither are we. Use on smartphones, tablets, or laptops/desktops.


We love the look and feel of our app. But it doesn't necessarily represent you. With our powerful theme engine you can use your logos and colors to style the app.

Vendor Profiles

Each vendor has a customized profile including history, product categories, and notes.

Personal Support

Support is crucial in getting the most out of any application. We have a variety of resources like videos, knowledge base, forum, support widget, & 24-hour email.

Facility Layouts

Each facility isn't limited to a single layout. Enable/disable any booth per layout, and even upload your own background layout images.


Easily schedule vendor registrations or custom events. Like that wicked Halloween party you throw each year.

Rich Reporting. Advanced Layouts. Vendor Profiles & Reservations

Advanced features and roles make this the perfect system for everyone in your organization.

All the little details

We've considered all the little things you didn't know you cared about.

Complicated businesses don't have to cause headaches.

visualize, schedule, manage, pay, report, and much more

Get Started

Signup for free. No strings attached

1. Create your facility/event
2. Create users
3. Create layouts
4. Assign Vendors

It really is that simple. BoothBooks allows you to get going for free, no credit card required. Once you signup, create your first event or market. Using our role system, add as many users to your account as you need. Admins, managers, or clerks. Create 1 or more layouts for your market, including your own custom map background image. Now you are free to start taking reservations, and adding vendors reservations.